RF 1-10V Universal LED Dimmer Module

This 1-10V LED Dimmer operates at 90-240V AC and allows us to control the brightness, from 0-100%, of all LED solutions that require 1-10V dimming.

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The RF 1-10V Universal LED Dimmer Module uses wireless technology in the 2.4 GHz band. It is specially developed for the control of 1-10V dimmable LED lamps without the need to install wiring.
Thanks to this dimmer, it is possible to manually change the luminosity of the luminaires, creating various environments for different occasions and needs.
This dimmer can have several control places, either wireless or classic buttons connected by cable.

The RF 1-10V Universal LED Controller Module can be mounted anywhere thanks to its extra-flat design, behind the switch or inside the junction box, as it is only 25 mm thick.
The controller can be used with the RF Remote for 1-10V and Triac Controllers, the LED 1-10V and Triac Universal Dimmer Switch as well as classic pushbuttons.

The use of  the RF 1-10V Universal LED Dimmer is very simple. To turn the luminaires on and off, you only have to press the button briefly and, when you want to regulate the intensity of the luminaire, you have to keep the button pressed until you reach the desired intensity. The dimmer has a memory for storing the brightness at which the luminaire has been switched off.
Don’t miss this opportunity, and take advantage of it to enjoy the best quality lighting, accompanied by elegance and style.






1-10V Dimmable


AC: 85-265V, 50/60Hz


52x52x25 mm


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LED Colour Guide

Ledlam led colour temperatures 800px 2018 07