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Extra flattering becoming room lighting is feasible and it’s some of the necessary components for a retail clothes retailer’s success. Shopper analysis reveals that after a buyer enters a dressing room, the chance of a sale will increase by ten to 67 p.c.[1]

Lighting can rework the best way individuals and clothes look. Shade, shadows and total illumination can alter the looks of clothes. The consolation and temper of dressing room lighting additionally have an effect on customers straight.

Challenges in dressing room lighting

First, it’s necessary to contemplate the connection between lighting and mirrors.

Becoming rooms with many mirrors and reflective surfaces may be disorienting when gentle is skilled from many instructions. © Yun Xia of HEYSHOP

Retail dressing rooms can be cramped, and attaining an appropriate 360° view confined to a two-by-two field may be tough.

Nonetheless, the principle drawback with most dressing rooms is harsh, obvious lighting that’s paying homage to being in a dentist’s chair or a police interrogation room.

The results of dangerous becoming room lights

What’s it about dressing room lighting that’s so missing?

Buzzfeed’s Kristin Chirico investigated becoming room lighting, visiting 20 shops to know the great, dangerous and ugly of lighting.

Reporter Kristen Chirico pictured in three dressing rooms in the same white shirt, showing the difference lighting makes in creating shadows
Screenshot of reporter Kristin Chirico in three fitting rooms trying on the same white shirt
Reporter Kristin Chirico for BuzzFeed took photos in the identical shirt in numerous becoming rooms to know how lighting impacts the procuring expertise.

Seven dressing room lighting guidelines

Rule 1: Overhead lighting is ineffective

Many shops use a number of surface-mounted or suspended ceiling fixtures to gentle the becoming room. Nonetheless, ceiling lights create unflattering shadows on the face and the physique, highlighting one’s worst flaws. Utilizing a single overhead lighting level supply magnifies undesirable shadows.

Rule 2: Fluorescent lighting is jarring and unflattering

Fluorescent dressing room lighting results in flickering gentle on the face and poor coloration rendering, which might make the face look inexperienced.

Rule 3: Fluorescent overhead lighting is jarring, ineffective and unflattering

This mix results in essentially the most unsatisfying expertise for patrons, creating glare and insufficiently illuminating an individual vertically.

Fluorescent overhead lights in a retail environment can wash out colors and great glare, particularly in a space with reflective surfaces
Fluorescent overhead lighting creates glare and may wash out a retail surroundings, notably with reflective surfaces. © Dirk Weiblen Photography

Rule 4: Go for lighting that’s true-to-color with improved coloration rendering and a touch of heat

Supreme dressing room lighting coloration temperature (CCT) must be not too cool, not too heat. When deciding on a static CCT on your becoming room gentle supply, 3000-3500K is the best vary. Nonetheless, LEDs with tunable white choices additionally allow customers to pick out from a variety of hotter to cooler coloration temperatures, so as to see how clothes could look in numerous settings (IES RP-2-20, web page 30).[2]

Keep away from poor coloration rendering lighting.  Please discuss with our TM30 information for an evidence of color-rendering idea and observe. Lights with improved coloration rendering “will deliver vibrancy to colours, improve textures, add sheen to hair, and assist create modeling results” (IES RP-2-20, web page 30).[2] As mentioned in our retail lighting information, selecting a light-weight supply with a excessive (50+) R9 worth (Pink coloration from TM-30) renders the hotter colours in pores and skin tones. Choose, high-quality LED lighting merchandise can supply a excessive R9 worth whereas assembly business code necessities.

Rule 5: Linear LED fixtures mounted beside the mirror spotlight the face

A modern dressing room with privacy fitting rooms featuring vertically mount linear lights next to the mirror
Vertically mounting linear LED lights beside the mirror in a becoming room minimizes shadows.

LED linear fixtures mounted on the sides of the dressing room mirror fill in any unflattering shadows and supply gentle, even lighting for occupants.

Rule 6: Present the correct quantity of sunshine

Be sure you present sufficient gentle in dressing rooms. Dressing room circulation ought to have at the very least 15 footcandles (fc) of illumination, inside rooms becoming rooms want 30-50 fc at job stage (3 ft excessive), and 30-75 fc vertically on partitions (IES RP-2-20, web page 51).[2] Enough illumination makes dressing room areas comfy and straightforward to make use of.

Infographic showing the difference between downlighting that creates shadows on horizontal places versus wall-mounted front lighting that illuminates vertical places
Downlighting mounted straight above a topic can create unflattering shadows, whereas wall-mounted lighting affords gentle, even lighting.

Rule 7: Correctly place downlights

The mixture of downlighting with vertical wall-mounted lighting gives each normal illumination in addition to dressing-focused lighting. Place downlighting in entrance of an individual’s face for illumination, or behind the particular person totally, to keep away from creating shadows. For recessed downlights, think about using an adjustable fixture oriented so the sunshine bounces off of the mirror and onto the particular person’s face. Directing an adjustable downlight on this method creates much less shadows and glare whereas offering direct illumination.


[1] Alert Tech. How to Increase Retail Apparel Conversion: Turning Shoppers Into Customers.
[2] Illuminating Engineering Society. IES Recommended Practice: Lighting Retail Spaces.

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