Why the G4 or GU5.3 (MR16) bulb is flickering or not working at all?

GU5.3 (MR16) and G4 Bulbs usually works from 12 Volts. They need a transformer to convert the mains voltage 230V to 12V.

The flickering you are experiencing is usually down to incompatibility or loading issues with the transformer.

Answer a few questions so that we can help resolve this issue:

-What type of transformer are you using, Halogen (old type) or LED transformer?
-How many LED bulbs and how many Halogen bulbs connected to one transformer?

If you change your old transformer to a new LED transformer this will solve the issue, please check our LED Transformers.
If you have more bulbs connected, try the following:
Leave one original Halogen bulb in next to the LED’s.
This should help with the loading and usually the flickering will disappear.

If you still have issues please go to our Customer Support page CONTACT section and send us a message with details. We will help you to find a solution.