What is CRI (Colour Rendering Index)?

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight.  The incandescent lamps are having a CRI of 100.

Typical LED light sources have about 70+ CRI. LED lights with a CRI that is measured greater than 80+ are considered to be more than acceptable for most applications. Lights with a CRI that is measured greater than 90+ is generally considered “High CRI” lights.

All of the Ledlam LED light sources are having a CRI between 80-90. They can be used in many applications, they are rendering the colours correctly.

Ledlam CRI visual comparison 70 vs 80