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Ceiling Lights 

Ceiling lights are the primary source of light for a room and can transform any space into a vibrant interior, with character and ambiance. With everything from flush ceiling lights and LED ceiling lights to elegant pendant lights and crystal chandeliers, we have everything you need to bring a bit of sparkle to your home. We have kitchen ceiling lights, bathroom ceiling lights, and innovative lighting solutions for every room. So you can add light and style to every part of your home…

We offer a wide variety of ceiling lights here after you read our helpful guide.

Lighting up your home with ceiling lights

To find the right kind of lighting to complement the rest of your home and the style you are trying to achieve, you must first determine the mood you wish to create in each room.

Entryway lighting

This area is critical to ensuring a positive first impression and a grand entrance. With a large chandelier, you can create a dramatic statement, and a floor lamp can complement that.

Kitchen Lighting

Food preparation takes place in kitchens, which are very busy spaces. The areas where you will prepare food need to be well-illuminated. 

Generally, ambient lighting should be integrated into the room’s design, such as pendant lights and track lighting. However, recessed lighting will do the trick if there is no feature, e.g. a breakfast bar or kitchen island. 

Dining Room Lighting

Frequently, chandeliers are hung over dining tables and are thought to provide enough light for the entire room. The importance of creating layers cannot be overstated. The dining room table can be accentuated with a statement light. Beautiful chandeliers and pendant lights will add a touch of elegance. This needs to be balanced. Having track or recessed lighting is a simple way to accomplish this. As a result, the room will look more layered and not as flat.

Living Room Lighting

Often used for watching TV, reading, chatting with family and friends, and doing homework, the living room is the most versatile in the house. In the project, the multitude of tasks that take place in this room, the lighting in the room needs to be more diverse.

Overhead lights such as pendants or flush ceiling lights create a suitable amount of light for a general aa ambiance. To provide more direct light in task areas, place floor, and table lamps or sconces. 

Bathroom Lighting

A vanity lighting fixture is appropriate for the bathroom, and it is located perfectly on top of any mirror in the room. The lighting will add to the décor of the room. However, it will also help you in the morning when getting ready by adding the right amount of light above the mirror. 

If you want to take a relaxing bath, you should always invest in dimmable bathroom lights.

Bedroom Lighting 

Having soft ambient lighting in the bedroom is essential for unwinding and rejuvenating. Dimmable semi-flush ceiling lights provide soft ambient lighting as well as an ornamental feature. Make the room feel even more luxurious by adding accent lighting to the walls. In addition to reading in bed, many people prefer an adjustable reading lamp on their bedside table or one mounted on the wall.

Ceiling light buying considerations

Considering how your ceiling lights will work in your home will help you make the right decision. Can you tell me how big your rooms are? Do you live in an open-plan home? How do you get natural light? Is there a particular style you prefer?

Amount of space in the room

Different types of ceiling lights will suit different room sizes. For example, a statement chandelier could feel claustrophobic in a small space, whereas recessed lighting creates an illusion of space.

Style of the room

To create a sense of cohesion, lighting should complement your home’s style. When choosing ceiling lights bear in mind this golden rule: style should combine with function. If your design includes eye-catching wallpaper, features, or artwork, spotlights or track lighting can be directed to highlight these focal points. Modern, pared-down homes are complemented by modern industrial pendants and recessed lighting.

Learn how to use lighting in three different ways

The next step is to understand the three main uses of lighting, now that you know how many lumens are required in each room. Lighting an entire room with just one type is a common mistake. When lighting is used in layers, it works much better. For each room, you should prepare a lighting plan, and both ambient and task lighting should be included.

Lighting for the ambiance

Your starting point should be the ambient lighting in the room since it is the main light source. A room’s mood is determined by its lighting. Light fixtures inside a room provide ambient lighting. statement piece. 

Lights for tasks

When performing tasks in a room, task lighting is used. For instance, a desk lamp can be adjusted to illuminate areas that are most critical to you for the task at hand. 

Lights for accents

There are several types of accent lighting in a room, but accent lighting is the most decorative. In addition to highlighting focal points like wall art, fireplaces, and bookshelves, it’s also used to highlight niches in a room. In addition to being a focal point, accent lighting can also be a focal point.

Lights for ceilings

A light bulb’s brightness should match the area it is intended to illuminate, just as light fittings should be suitable for the setting. The different types of ceiling lighting can be overwhelming, but below are some of the most common.

Flush and semi-flush lights 

Ceiling lights mounted flush mount are typically dome-shaped fixtures that are embedded within a ceiling and flush mounted. An extension just below the ceiling makes a semi-flush mount light more decorative. It is the versatility of flush mount and semi-flush mount lights that makes them so popular. They provide ambient light in low-ceiling rooms, whether they’re in a casual or formal setting. Whether you have a large room or a small one, flush-mount and semi-flush-mount lights are great choices.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling by way of cords, chains, or metal rods sometimes called drop or suspenders, and usually hang from a single light fixture. In kitchens and dinette sets, pendant lights are often hung in a straight line in multiples, and sometimes in bathrooms as well. From metal to glass to concrete or plastic, pendants come in a wide range of sizes and materials. The most common type of bulb used in pendant lighting is a halogen/fluorescent bulb, and many of these are energy-saving lights. Because pendant lights are typically small and grouped together, it is crucial to follow general lighting rules. Even numbers of pendants are preferable to odd numbers. It’s imperative to place pendants high enough so that one can see unobstructed while standing or sitting. It is advisable to hang pendants 28-38 inches above a countertop or 72 inches above the ground.

Chandeliers with crystals

Glass is the material that makes up all crystals. It is relevant to note, however, that chandelier crystals are made out of a different type of glass than those used in windows, drinking cups, eyeglasses, etc. Due to the presence of lead oxide in crystal, it has a greater weight and more refraction than ordinary glass. Crystals of this quality sparkle more, have more facets and are more brilliant.

Consumers can safely consume lead oxide in chandelier crystals. A crystal with a higher lead oxide content will reflect light better since lead oxide is an effective light reflector.

Ceiling spotlights

Using their adjustable arms, ceiling spotlights can direct light around a room or focus it on a specific area. Lighting can create a brighter space by illuminating dark corners or forgotten areas. For example, they can be installed to highlight a bathtub or a mirror in a bathroom or to illuminate workspaces and surfaces in the kitchen. You can also use spotlight bars and plates to highlight a special feature or area in your living room or bedroom.

Ceiling downlights

LED downlights are the ultimate long-lasting, low-energy alternative to halogen. In our lifetimes, LED lighting technology will not be replaced by another type of lighting technology – it will only be improved! If you are looking for LED downlights for your next lighting installation, we stock only the most reliable LEDs available. Whatever your lighting needs, we have a comprehensive range available from stock, including recessed downlights, surface-mounted lights, and LED spotlights.

Lantern ceiling lights

Lighting for reception areas and entrance halls can be accomplished with lanterns and indoor hall lanterns. Hanging lanterns made of solid brass and ceiling lanterns made of forged iron. French gold, antique brass, and cream lanterns. Hallways with elegant lighting are a sight to behold.

From traditional hall lantern lights to modern pendant lights, interior ceiling lantern lights come in many shapes and sizes. The soft light provided by lantern light fittings helps create a welcoming atmosphere in any home by creating focal points within the room.

Bar lights 

If you want to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, whether it’s entertaining guests, catching up with friends, or just relaxing with your family, the right lighting is imperative. We are using our kitchens in a more creative and effective way thanks to the popularity of open-plan living, kitchen islands, and breakfast bars. We need to evolve our lighting plans as well because they are now much more multifunctional. We’ll discuss how to improve breakfast bar lighting and kitchen island lighting and compensate for a lack of natural light in your kitchen.

Track lights

Track lighting is one of the most popular ways of lighting a space, especially if the area is large or not suitable for ceiling lighting. Among the multiple and continually updated options we offer, you should be able to find one to suit your specific requirements. 12-volt, mains, and wire track systems are among the options we offer. Please find a variety of design guides, advice, and tips below this page.

Does a room need a lot of light?

LED bulbs have become increasingly popular. Due to their lower electricity consumption, they are more efficient. Thus, light output cannot be measured by wattage anymore. It is recommended to use LED bulbs that are 250 lumens per square meter. LED bulbs are measured in Lumens. The effect can be achieved by combining ceiling, lamp, and wall lights. Setting a room’s mood with your choice of lights. Having them all on will brighten up a room. A wall light or table lamp will suffice if you’re cozying up for the night.

Do I need a large or small ceiling light?

To begin with, let’s determine what size light will best suit your room. Depending on your taste, you can increase or decrease this by 10%.

You can measure the size of your light by multiplying the width by the length

What is the minimum length of my ceiling light?

The ceiling light should be at least 7 feet away from the floor.

The following exceptions are not covered by the rule:

  1. The height of this can be adjusted to suit your dining table since it will not be walked into. You can create an ambiance by installing a dimmer switch here to combat any glare that may occur.
  2. Lights cascading over two stories: Make sure the light finishes around the level of the first floor (unless you cannot see the light otherwise).