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Ledlam LED Bulbs generally come in the choice of three colour temperatures but what does ‘colour temperature’ mean? Check our LED Colour Guide and find out…

Don’t worry too much, as it is quite simple to understand. In basic terms the ‘colour temperature’ is the colour of the light source. You see not all light sources are the same. The easiest way to demonstrate this is to compare lighting from a bulb in your house with that from a candle. You will notice that compared to your bulb the candle has a more yellowy/orangey glow to it. This is because the 2 light sources have different colour temperatures.

LED Light Colours

New LED technology enables us to set the led colour temperature to a preferred colour.

Ledlam bulbs are generally come in a range of 3 colour temperatures.

Warm White – Day White – Cool White

Ledlam is special for offering a Day White 4100K ‘middle’ natural led colour temperature, as most others offer cool and warm colour only.

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How to select LED LIGHT COLOUR

On the right side of a product page if different colours are available you will see the colour selection options. Just click on the boxes and select your desired light colour.


More about the light colours...

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Colour temperature is conventionally stated in the unit of temperature, the Kelvin and has the unit symbol ‘K’

The Sun

The colour temperature of the sun can vary greatly according to the time of day and weather but the standard value that is used is around 5,500K. This appears to us, the most natural looking light, not warm or cool.

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Colour temperatures over 5,000K are called cool white colours (pure white) and are often seen in offices where it is said to enhance concentration. While lower colour temperatures around, 2,700–3,000 K are called warm colours and are said to increase relaxation. A candle has a temperature of around 2,000K, which is why it appears very warm, yellow and relaxing!

Warm White

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Similar to incandescent and halogen bulbs. We recommend these for areas and rooms where a relaxed atmosphere is desired. Bedrooms and living rooms are the perfect example of where to use these bulbs.

Day White

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These bulbs are similar to a natural sunny daylight colour. We find these bulbs are most suitable for where you need a good quality of good light for working, or doing daily routines but still provides a ‘homely atmosphere’. Kitchens, study’s and bathrooms are perfect candidates.

Cool White

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A pure white colour that we recommend for working environments such as offices and warehouses, since this colour temperature range enhances concentration. These are suggested uses however, as some customers find that they are good for use at home, in locations such as a home office, bathroom or study.

Selecting a colour temperature is mainly a matter of personal preferences.

Ledlam led colour temperatures 2018 07

Did you know?

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