LED Panel Lights – The most popular LEDs

LED Panel Lights

What are LED Panel Lights?

LED Panel Lights, or we can call LED Down Lights, are one of the most popular lighting options for new build homes or modern renovations now. A flat ‘panel’ emits lights and can be widely used because of its sleek design, ease of installation, and versatility.

LED panel lights come in 2 main types: recessed and surface mounted.

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Surface Mounted LED Lights

Surface-mounted LED panel lights are thicker than the recessed type and fit on a wider range of surfaces. They are fitted by screwing a bracket onto the mounting surface and attaching the panel to the bracket. Therefore there is no need to cut out a mounting hole.

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Recessed LED Panel Lights

Recessed LED lights are the slimmest type available. They fit flush against the mounting surface and do not protrude. They are fitted by sitting inside a cutout hole in the mounting surface and are held in place by side springs, much like a standard GU10 or MR16 housing/fitting.

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Where can you use LED Panel lights?

Many people, however, still don’t know that panel lights can be a great alternative to their existing lighting setups. Most homes will have the standard pendant or flush light fittings, possibly some GU10’s/MR16’s down lights in a kitchen or bathroom. With LED Panel lights, you can easily replace any of these old fittings for a fresh and modern look.

Someone can use LED lights practically anywhere around the home! They are a versatile alternative to replace old GU10 or MR16 downlights, as they are available in much brighter configurations. Kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms are all popular choices for using panel lights, but we can use them in any room around the home, even hallways.

Usually, the mounting surface will dictate the type you can use and where so we can use recessed panels on plasterboard, thin plywood, or thin MDF as they are easy to cut into for the mounting hole. For thicker surfaces, such as brick or timber that cannot be cut into, surface-led panels are used. The brackets can be easily screwed into the surface, and we then fit the led panels to the bracket with a few more screws.

So, if you are currently renovating, thinking of renovating, or just fancy changing your existing lights, don’t go with plain old bulbs! Have a look at our panel light range today.

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What are the advantages of LED Panel Lights against other bulbs like Gu10 or MR16s?

You now know where to use panel lights, what traditional bulbs they can replace, and even how to fit them. But why should choose them?

  • Much higher wattages are available than standard LED bulbs:

If you are using GU10 bulbs, for example, you will probably struggle to find anything higher than our powerful 7W GU10 LED Bulb, which is equivalent to around a 60W halogen. Our LED panel lights are available up to 24W, which is equivalent to around 160W halogen output. Imagine having one or two lamps to light up your entire room.

  • They are easy to install and replace:

We fit the recessed panels exactly the same way as existing GU10 or MR16 fittings, which makes it easy for new projects. Installation is also simple for existing GU10 or MR16 bulbs, as the mounting holes need to be widened for the panel size. The spring fasteners make it quick to install.

  • Ideal for low ceilings:

Pendant and flush fittings are the most common fitting types in the UK. However, they are not ideal for low ceilings as bulbs and shades can hang down lower than you would like. If your head is close to a shade or bulb, it makes the room appear much smaller and cramped. The led panel lights sit flat and close to the ceiling and open up the space in your room much better.

  • More Choice:

Everybody has different tastes and requirements, so more choice is always a good thing. Our panel’s lights are available in many types: Square or Round shapes, 3W, 6W,12W, 18W up to 24W, Silver or White trim, Dimmable or non Dimmable options, Recessed or Surface mounted, Warm white, Day white or Cool white color temperatures are available.

Where can I buy LED.P.Lights?

You have come to the right place! Ledlam Lighting has one of the widest range of quality LED panel lights available in the UK.

Why should you get your LED Lamps from us?

Our panel light range gives a good quality of light. They are Flicker Free and have a CRI rating of over 80. All of our led panels come complete with fittings and driver. Above all, back them up with our 5 Year Warranty30 Days Money-Back Guarantee, and Free Shipping options!

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If you buy any LED Panel Lights from Ledlam Lighting NOW, it comes with a FREE pair of 3 WAY Lever Quick Connectors to make the installation as easy as possible.

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