Evluma OmniMax: High Pressure Sodium LED Retrofit for

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A brand new distinctive out of doors HID LED alternative lamp has hit the market; the Evluma OmniMax lamp. It has been very fashionable in out of doors functions with ornamental enclosed fixtures because it has an analogous mild sample and colour temperature to conventional sources, notably excessive strain sodium lamps.

Merely bypass the prevailing HID ballast and wire direct. Most low-watt HID sources have an E26 base however the OmniMax is on the market in E26 normal base or E39 mogul base to verify all bases are coated.

Accessible in 40W, 70W or 100W configurations enable it to switch 100W-175W HPS lamps in addition to 100W-250W steel halides. Quite a few colour temp choices embrace uncommon 2000K, 2200K and 2700K in addition to the extra generally seen 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

Designed to be used in enclosed fixtures solely, the OmniMax is damp rated and backed by a 10-year producer guarantee. Superior thermal administration to guarantee the LED life lasts so long as meant. The OmniMax makes use of a community of temperature compensating parts paired with a customized mild engine and housing design to maximise cooling whereas sustaining lumen output. Brushless fan operates with an accelerated lifetime of 90,000 hours.

The Evluma OmniMax has Normal or Premium packages with the Premium boasting a failsafe photocontrol in addition to the BlueTooth ConnectLED wi-fi system functionality. This enables a consumer to hook up with the system by way of a PC, Android or Apple machine to seamlessly management the dimming stage.

For all of the OmniMax configurations, take a look at the hyperlinks under for more information or to order.

Evluma OmniMax Premium Model

Evluma Omni-100-2K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-22-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2200K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-27-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2700K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-3K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 3000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-4K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 4000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-5K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 5000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-2K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-22-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2200K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-27-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2700K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-3K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 3000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-4K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 4000K 100W LED
Evluma Omni-100-5K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 5000K 100W LED

Evluma Omni-70-2K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-22-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2200K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-27-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2700K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-3K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 3000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-4K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 4000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-5K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 5000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-2K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-22-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2200K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-27-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2700K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-3K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 3000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-4K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 4000K 70W LED
Evluma Omni-70-5K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 5000K 70W LED

Evluma Omni-40-2K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-22-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2200K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-27-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 2700K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-3K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 3000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-4K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 4000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-5K-ME – OmniMax Premium E26 5000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-2K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-22-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2200K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-27-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 2700K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-3K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 3000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-4K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 4000K 40W LED
Evluma Omni-40-5K-MO – OmniMax Premium E39 5000K 40W LED

Evluma OmniMax Normal Model

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