Green Creative 300W Equivalent Dimmable LED PS30 Bulbs


In lighting, typically instances it’s clever to see who’s first to market with a product and maintain observe of it over time as new generations come out. Inexperienced Inventive is without doubt one of the high innovators in lighting and so they have all the time had a powerful grasp on the compact HID LED replacement lamps from the start of the LED surge.

After we speak about low-watt, compact HID lamps, they’re the smaller ones which can be both 50W, 70W, 100W or as much as 175W. Most frequently they’re present in bollards, publish tops, or smaller space lights. These are conditions the place area is at a premium which makes the outsized LED corncobs (even the smaller ones) powerful to make match, whereas the enclosed-rated Inexperienced Inventive lamps are an ideal match. Typically 277V is a requirement in these purposes and since these are usually out of doors purposes in danger to excessive surge situations, it’s a good plan to make use of the Green Creative 97718 10KV surge protector.

There are three sizes/substitute choices that Inexperienced Inventive gives with these lamps. An A21 dimension that replaces as much as 125W Incandescents, an A23 dimension that replaces both 200W incandescents or 70W-100W HID, and a PS30 dimension that may exchange 100W-175W HID or a 300W incandescent PS-bulb. The A21 lamps are available E26 solely, whereas the A23 and PS30 lamps can be found in both E26 commonplace base or E39 mogul base.

All of those lamps work on 120-277V common voltage, and the E26 choices are dimmable! This implies you should utilize these PS30 bulbs to exchange 300W+ PS bulbs typically present in church sanctuary chandeliers. The PS30 bulbs solely are available 4000K and 5000K nonetheless, it could be good to see them within the hotter 3000K which is mostly the popular shade in church sanctuaries. However maintain a watch out for this shade to reach sooner or later. The A21 and A23 lamps are all obtainable in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K shade temps.

The E39 mogul base lamps have a novel function as effectively; SelectDrive expertise. Per the picture on the high and the one close by, the E39 lamps have a lumen-select tab on the lamp itself that lets you select between excessive lumen output, medium lumen output or low lumen output. This simply provides to the flexibility of the lamp and ends in extra flexibility within the discipline for making the appropriate lumen selection when the time comes to put in.

The opposite lamp statistics are what you’ll anticipate from Inexperienced Inventive; excessive efficacy ranges reaching as much as 147 lumens per watt. Integral thermal sensor reduces energy tot he lamp within the occasion ambient temperature exceeds specified limitations. All of the E26-based lamps are Vitality Star rated, whereas the E39-based lamps are DLC rated, which means you’ll be able to seize rebates on each choices.

Able to see all of the SKU’s and the pricing? Take a look at the hyperlinks beneath.

Inexperienced Inventive Compact HID Replacements

Green Creative 36165 17A21/830/277V/DIM – 17W LED A21 3000K
Green Creative 36166 17A21/835/277V/DIM – 17W LED A21 3500K
Green Creative 36167 17A21/840/277V/DIM – 17W LED A21 4000K
Green Creative 36168 17A21/850/277V/DIM – 17W LED A21 5000K

Green Creative 36169 24HID/830/277V/E26/DIM – 24W LED A23 3000K E26
Green Creative 36214 24HID/835/277V/E26/DIM – 24W LED A23 3500K E26
Green Creative 36170 24HID/840/277V/E26/DIM – 24W LED A23 4000K E26
Green Creative 36171 24HID/850/277V/E26/DIM – 24W LED A23 5000K E26

Green Creative 36158 24HID/830/277V/EX39/SD – 24W LED A23 3000K EX39 SelectDrive
Green Creative 36159 24HID/835/277V/EX39/SD – 24W LED A23 3500K EX39 SelectDrive
Green Creative 36160 24HID/840/277V/EX39/SD – 24W LED A23 4000K EX39 SelectDrive
Green Creative 36161 24HID/850/277V/EX39/SD – 24W LED A23 5000K EX39 SelectDrive

Green Creative 36173 34HID/840/277V/E26/DIM – 34W LED PS30 4000K E26
Green Creative 36174 34HID/850/277V/E26/DIM – 34W LED PS30 5000K E26

Green Creative 36163 34HID/840/277V/EX39/SD – 34W LED PS30 4000K EX39 SelectDrive
Green Creative 36164 34HID/850/277V/EX39/SD – 34W LED PS30 5000K EX39 SelectDrive

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