How to Reduce Heat from LED Lights? Follow 5 Tips


LED lights have been a new addition to commercial and domestic lights. They have been known for their increased life and low electricity expenses. LED lights enlighten the space with less expense than traditional fluorescent bulbs. The fact is that LEDs wear out faster than any other light. Further, they overheat and reduce the overall lamp life. How to reduce heat from led lights?

The first step in optimizing the LED performance is understanding the LED fixture’s key components. It comes with a phosphor, a die, a substrate, and a lens.

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The thermal interface material generates heat when the LED light is mounted on the printed circuit board. A heat sink or LED cooler can work fine to dissipate the unrequired heat.

Anyhow, in this article, we will help you how to fix overheated LED strip lights and what to do when LED lights overheat. Continue reading to learn what happens if LED lights overheat and why LED lights overheat compared to other lamps and tube lights.

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How much heat do LED lights produce?

All the devices that consume electricity produce heat by the principle on which they work. Likewise, LED lights also generate heat and sometimes overheat quickly. But, according to the latest research, LED lights consume less energy.

Some electric device manufacturers claim that LED lights don’t heat. We all know that we face the common problem of burning out LED lights and bulbs now and then, which only occurs due to the overheating issue.

To operate for extended periods, the LED lights must generate a certain amount of heat that doesn’t cause any issues in their regular functioning.

Generally, LED lights produce 15% light and 85% heat. The ratio of heat production in LED lights is relatively high that must be regulated by some means to overcome overheating and burnout issues.

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Why are my LED lights so hot?

You may have wondered sometimes why are my LED lights getting hot. Sometimes the LED lights might get too hot due to several factors, such as the warm surroundings.

For instance, if you use LED lights in the kitchen, you may notice that they burn out faster than other spaces. A kitchen in a household is considered the hottest space due to regular cooking and baking.

Cooking and baking increase the space’s overall temperature, resulting in overheating of LED lights. The LED lights can be saved from sudden breakdowns, and their shelf life can be extended by keeping the place cool.

Try to set the optimum temperature for the house, especially in the kitchen, to keep your LEDs cool and working.

Another possible reason for heated LEDs can be poor quality or malfunctioning.

Use high-quality LEDs at the optimum temperature to keep them from getting too hot. Save extra electricity and a hefty bill by managing the heat.

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How do you cool LED lights?

LED lights have successfully displaced the incandescent lights and other bulbs. The primary reason is their long-life spans and high luminous efficiency, which makes them an environment-friendly product.

Still, overheating is a common problem that can now be solved by following some tips and tricks.

Follow the 5 Tips to keep your LED last longer.

If you are tired of changing your LED lights and are looking to find long-lasting solutions, we have you covered. Follow the following tips and tricks to keep your LED last longer and save additional burden.

1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions:

Bother to read the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. They mention that one primary reason for LED overheating is the excessive energy that goes into the light strips. Follow the instructions properly to make the LEDs operate longer.

2. Avoid Small and Enclosed Spaces:

If you place the LED lights in a closed apartment or space, the chances are higher that the area will become hotter than an open space. Give your light sources some space to breathe.

3. Avoid Using LED Lights in Warm Areas:

LED lights have a higher chance of collapsing in warm environments. The reason is that they generate heat and also get heat from the environment, which fuses them quickly. Mount your lights somewhere cooler to make them stay longer.

4. Use LED cooler:

Use LED light cooler to keep the LED lights more relaxed for some time. It is the latest product that is gaining popularity for its noble function. The device forces the air over the light to preserve coolness throughout the surface. Combine a heat sink with a fan like those of LED coolers, and you are good to go.

5. LED Heatsinks:

LED heat sinks are an advanced solution for the overheating problem in LED lights. Made of extruded aluminum and thermal resistance, the LED heat sink features an array of spread fins to the two configurations that maximize the surface area and cool the LED with an air convection cooling technique.

Further, they reduced the LED temperature to more than 50%, which is quite a good figure—increased cooling results in the extended life of the LED lights.

Tips to Decrease overheating of LED lights:

Apart from using some heat-dissipating devices with LED lights, there are some other tips and tricks that can be helpful. Here we share some quick tips that can help you make the LED lights stay longer and will also help increase the intensity of their brightness.

Follow the following things to get maximum results after investment in LED lights: 

  • Use a low luminance level.
  • Block light from the overheated LEDs.
  • Set LED towards the reflector.
  • Use lights at a moderate temperature.
  • Use a heat sink for big LED lights.
  • Separate the power driver from the LED flood light.
  • Choose high-quality LEDs.
  • Try to ventilate the space.

Final words:

Undoubtedly, LED lights are the life savior in terms of investment and life span. Other tube lights and bulbs in the market consume too much high electricity watts, resulting in hefty electric bills.

Further, incandescent and halogen bulbs are expensive compared to LED lights. Now that we know how to reduce heat from LED lights and the overheating problem can be solved, you must try them.


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