Keystone Color-Select ComboDrive X3: The 1 Lamp to

When you have been inundated with all of the LED T8 lamp selections and simply desire a lamp that may do all of it, look no additional. Keystone Tech has upgraded their ComboDrive X3 LED T8 to now be color-selectable, so now there may be 1 lamp that has all the colours and may be put in in whichever manner you like.

In case you are unfamiliar with the ComboDrive X3, it’s an LED T8 that may be put in in plug-and-play format on the prevailing ballast (if appropriate) or it may be put in with the ballast bypass technique with both single-end wiring or double-end wiring. It is a good possibility you probably have a more recent ballast and wish to use the ballasts up and once they die off you possibly can bypass the ballast and wire direct. Double-end wiring that means you’re mainly preserving the sockets how you’ve them and are simply bypassing the ballast whereas single-end wiring can be to make use of a brand new non-shunted socket and wire each the facility and impartial to 1 finish.

Keystone makes the color-select ComboDrive X3 in 2′, 3′ and 4′ lengths. The colour-select dipswitch is factory-set to 4000K however the full vary is 3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K/6500K. Many different distributors solely go 3500K-5000K, so to have the 3000K and 6500K as an possibility is a profit as in sure purposes these colour temps on the far finish of the dimensions are wanted.

Keystone Coloration-Choose LED T8s

Keystone KT-LED13T8-48G-8CSJ-X3 – 4′ 13W ComboDrive T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED10T8-36G-8CSJ-X3 – 3′ 10W ComboDrive T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED7.5T8-24G-8CSJ-X3 – 2′ 7.5W ComboDrive T8 3000K-6500K

Keystone KT-LED14.5T8-48G-8CSJ-DX2 – 4′ 14.5W Ballast Bypass T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED15T8-48G-8CSJ-DX2 – 4′ 15W Ballast Bypass T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED12T8-48G-8CSJ-DX2 – 4′ 12W Ballast Bypass T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED10.5T8-48G-8CSJ-DX2 – 4′ 10.5W Ballast Bypass T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED11T8-36G-8CSJ-DX2 – 3′ 11W Ballast Bypass T8 3000K-6500K
Keystone KT-LED7T8-24G-8CSJ-DX2 – 2′ 7W Ballast Bypass T8 3000K-6500K

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