Ways to Dispose of Different Light Bulbs


Are you ready to update your house with the latest energy-efficient lighting ideas? If yes, then you may know that one of the biggest challenges is to find the right type of bulbs and lights from the light bulb varieties available today. Another challenge is how to dispose of old light bulbs properly so they don’t add any pollution to the environment. Continue reading to learn more about different ways to dispose of light bulbs in the right manner.

The most common light bulbs used in households are fluorescent and incandescent. With the advancement of technology, LEDs have almost replaced these two.

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Ways to Dispose of Different Light Bulbs

Do you know that different light bulbs are recycled or disposed of in other ways? Have you ever thought about what to do with your house’s dead light bulbs and tubes? If not, don’t worry because here we will guide you about this topic, and you will be able to get rid of different types of light bulbs in no time.

Choosing the proper method to dispose of light bulbs is very necessary. Moreover, by recycling the bulbs with toxic compounds and elements, we can keep the environment safe as well.

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How to Dispose of Incandescent Light Bulbs?

Standard incandescent light bulbs are a common type of bulbs used in households. Many recycling companies don’t accept these bulbs. So, it is necessary to dispose of them with regular household waste.

They hold no toxic material in their design. The best method to dispose of such dead bulbs and lights is to pack them in their original packaging while disposing of them so that if it breaks inside the bin, they can’t tear or damage anything.

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Where to Dispose of CFL Bulbs?

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs consume less energy than older-style bulbs and lights. Unfortunately, one of the light-making components in its design is Mercury. But the good news is that Mercury, glass, and other metal components in the LED bulbs and tubes can be recycled and reused in other items.

Check with regional waste collecting offices and see the list of depots to know if you can give them your dead bulbs and tubes.

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How to Dispose of Light Bulbs with Mercury?

The light bulbs commonly known as fluorescent light bulbs contain Mercury. Fluoro tubes and compact fluorescent lamps have minute amounts of Mercury placed in houses, offices, and hospitals.

Mercury is a toxic compound if exposed to the environment. It must be handled properly. So, many recyclers receive these light bulbs containing mercury open-heartedly.

When the bulb is dead and needs to be changed, it is important to recycle it to avoid the toxic leaching of Mercury into waterways of the ecosystem. If you are still wondering how to dispose of fluorescent light bulbs, you first need to remove the dead bulb and keep it in a safe place.

Contact an Ecocycle or Recycling company that takes these bulbs and offers them. They will recycle them properly, and you will be stress-free.

Further, you can research “where to recycle fluorescent tubes near me” and get an idea about the companies that offer mercury light recycling programs.

Many famous electronics stores such as Target, Ikea, and Lowe’shave executive recycling programs that aim to reduce environmental pollution. Home Depot recycle fluorescent tubes program can be of greater help in this regard.

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How to Dispose of Halogen Light Bulbs?

Halogen bulbs, as the name reveals, contain halogen gas. Many people ask, “can you recycle halogen bulbs” the answer is no.

As they include halogen gas, that means such a type of bulb can’t be recycled easily. Such bulbs have no toxic compounds like the other type of bulbs and can be thrown in your regular trash bin.

To dispose of these bulbs, put the used bulb in its carton or container and wrap it to prevent any breakage. Throw them with your regular trash.

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How to get rid of LED lights?

The newest type of light bulb is the LED, which has gained popularity because of its low energy consumption. For instance. LED lights last 20-50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs.

With less energy consumption and extended shelf-life, they are most environmentally friendly and may be cost-effective for your household.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs contain no mercury but have other hazardous materials such as arsenic or lead. With the advanced manufacturing and new technology, many recycling companies may not accept these bulbs in their recycling programs.

So, most people throw them with regular trash or burn them out in the garbage, which adds pollution to the environment by ending up in landfills. Connect with your local recycling center and ask if they take LED bulbs as a part of their collection services.

Additionally, the best method to get rid of dead LED bulbs is to take them to your local Home Depot, Ikea, or Lowe’s store and let them recycle. Most of the electronic brands have recycling programs to get rid of such types of light bulbs and other electronics.

To sum up – Ledlam Lighting

Different bulbs require additional treatment for proper disposal. Being home, we are unable to do the recycling on our own. Hence, the best solution is to give them to the recycling companies and let them dispose of them using advanced technologies.

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